Service Areas

Grant Writing Services

I can write a grant to help your agency hire staff, buy equipment, or build infrastructure.  A meeting with your Board or senior staff is all that’s needed to start the process.  We’ll develop a wish list of funding goals, and establish a plan to seek funding in support of each goal.

I’ve written grants to Federal agencies, State departments, corporations, and private community foundations.  My success rate of 93% assures you that your proposal will get the most generous review possible.

I’ll write a core narrative application in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP), Invitation to Negotiate (ITN), or other funding announcement.  The core narrative will typically include items such as :

  • Abstract / Introduction
  • Justification of Need for Proposed Project
  • Research Documenting the Likely Impact of the Proposed Project
  • Agency history / Organizational Summary
  • Experience Providing Proposed Services / Agency Capacity
  • Program Plan and Time Line for Implementation
  • Program Evaluation Plan and Quality Assurance

I’ll see the project through to completion for your agency.  You need only provide administrative assistance for smaller duties such as :

  • Collecting letters of support from community members and organizations (I’ll even provide a model for them to follow when filling out these letters)
  • Providing the budget items with salary and benefit figures appropriate to your particular agency.
  • Photocopying and mailing the final application package including my core narrative and the standard agency documents you should have on hand.
  • I can be hired on a percentage basis, or on flat rate basis with a contingency.  You can even retain my services on an ongoing basis to seek out grants for your agency.