Service Areas

Trainings and Technical Assistance

When your program funds are limited and your staff is already multi-tasking, how can you make even better inroads to improving health measures in your community?  Whether you work in disease prevention or disease state management, Skills4 can help you extend your reach and improve your impact.

Technical (Capacity Building) Assistance:

With technical assistance from Skills4, Inc., your staff will learn how to work smarter, not just harder.

  • You’ll learn how to grow a volunteer pilot program into a well-funded department in your agency.
  • You’ll see how simple evaluation tools can convince government agencies to devote more monies to helping people in your community.
  • You’ll see how setting manageable goals gives staff a renewed sense of purpose.
  • And you’ll learn how to develop a strategic plan for the future growth and relevance of your mission.


Helping people live healthy lives requires an ever-expanding encyclopedia of knowledge.  Caring staff members don’t always have the time to read every medical update or plow through the theory behind every new behavioral intervention.  Skills4 can update your staff in a single interactive session, or provide a series of interactive trainings. My staff trainings can give your staff the tools they need to bring the most current information to clients and community members, all in culturally competent formats.  You’ll leave the training feeling confident enough to

  • Discuss treatment issues with patients in ways that improve treatment adherence and durability
  • Launch home grown prevention-marketing campaigns to respond to emerging health threats in their community.
  • Provide effective group and individual level disease prevention forums for community members of all backgrounds.
  • Write your own successful applications to funders who support clinics, community based organizations, and even start up groups.

To see a list of some of the training topics I regularly provide, click on “workshop topics.”  You can also see some of the groups I have presented for before by clicking on “Speaking List.”  If you have other specific needs, just click on “contact me” and send an e-mail describing your goals.