What We Do

Skills4 offers services in 4 key areas

Technical Assistance for CBOs, Health Departments

When your program funds are limited and your staff is already multi-tasking, how can you make even better inroads to improving health measures in your community? Whether you work in disease prevention or disease state management, Skills4 can help you extend your reach and improve your impact. 

 With technical assistance from Skills4, your staff will learn how to work smarter, not just harder.

  • You’ll learn how to grow a volunteer pilot program into a well-funded department in your agency.
  • You’ll see how simple evaluation tools can convince government agencies to commit more funding to helping people in your community.
  • You’ll learn how to supplement required staff trainings in interventions and model practices. Skills4 will guide your agency through best hiring, training and supervision practices.
  • You’ll see how setting manageable goals gives staff a renewed sense of purpose, and improves program accountability.
  • And you’ll learn how to develop a strategic plan for the future growth and relevance of your mission.

Grant Writing and Fund Development

Skills4’s team can write a grant to help your agency hire staff, or build infrastructure, or expand current programs.  A meeting or teleconference with your senior staff or board of directors is all that’s needed to start the process.  We’ll develop a wish list of funding goals, and establish a plan to seek funding in support of each goal.

Since 1997, Skills4 has written grants to federal agencies and state entities, as well as regional and private foundations.  Our successful track record assures you that your proposal will get the most generous review possible.

You can contract with Skills4 to write a core narrative application in response to a funding announcement.  The core narrative typically includes:

  • Abstract / Introduction
  • Justification of Need for Proposed Project
  • Research supporting the proposed method and activities your project will undertake
  • Agency history / Organizational Summary
  • Experience providing similar services / or your clinic or agency’s capacity to expand to the proposed services
  • Program Plan, work plan, and / or and time line for implementation
  • Program Evaluation Plan and Quality Assurance

Skills4 will see the project through to completion for your agency.  You need only provide administrative assistance for smaller duties such as:

  • Collecting letters of support from community members and organizations (we can even provide a model for them to follow when filling out these letters)
  • Reviewing and revising your draft budget with staffing levels, salary and benefit, and incentives or client support lines appropriate to your particular agency or project.
  • Uploading the final application package including the core narrative and the standard agency documents you should have on hand.

Skills4 contracts for grant writing projects on an hourly basis. We will give you a set range of hours, so you’ll know how little or how much time the project will take.  You can even retain our services on an ongoing basis to seek out grants for your agency.

Prevention / Behavioral Workshops

Helping people live healthy lives requires an ever-expanding encyclopedia of knowledge.  Caring staff members don’t always have the time to read every medical update or plow through the theory behind every new behavioral intervention.  Skills4 can update your staff in a single interactive session, or provide a series of interactive trainings.

  • Our trainings can give your staff the tools they need to bring the most current information to clients and community members, all in culturally competent formats.  We’ll use role play activities to ensure that you are delivering messages in a way that intuitively impacts your target population.
  • Other workshops bring key health messages to your target population in accessible language, with memorable examples and motivational exercises.  Whether you’re trying to move community norms away from risky sexual practices, substance use, sedentary lifestyles, or smoking, Skills4 staff will deliver messages that your community hears, understands, and believes in.

Treatment Education and Patient Support

How do you ensure that clients living with chronic diseases will enjoy the longest, healthiest lives possible?  Skills4treatment education and patient support brings you both the new information and the tools to motivate healthy living practices.

You’ll leave the training feeling confident to

  • Discuss treatment issues with patients in ways that improve treatment adherence and durability
  • Reframe client encounters in ways that elicit disclosure of adherence challenges
  • Identify perceived barriers to treatment adherence
  • Develop skills for imparting key “takeaway” messages that clients and patients will recall and act upon.

Skills4 has delivered training workshops to professionals at national conferences, regional trainings, and clinic grand rounds.  We’ve also delivered direct patient education through support group meetings, community forums, and customized social marketing campaigns.

If you have other specific needs, just click on “contact us” and send an e-mail describing your goals.