Who We Are

Our team includes five staff members and consultants who bring a rich history of assisting community based organizations, federal agencies, health departments, regional health councils, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals.

Skills4 Team
Since 1997, Skills4 has facilitated trainings, written clinic protocols, and written grant applications to support improved healthcare and prevention services in 40 states. Collectively, our staff and consultants have

  • Directed disease prevention and care programs at five community health agencies;
  • Managed a CDC demonstration project for integrating combined health screening services;
  • Served on advisory boards and review committees for the CDC;
  • Facilitated seminars and workshops at national conferences, high school and college assemblies, planning council meetings, and international headquarters
  • Directed a national TA project for HRSA;
  • Written white papers and epidemiological reports for regional health coalitions and state health departments;
  • Written clinical testing protocols for U.S. territories;
  • Secured new funding for national health providers, federally qualified health centers, integrated health service centers, and small grass roots agencies;
  • Coordinated regional and national health conferences;
  • Written health editorials which have appeared in trade magazines, consumer health magazines, and newspapers;
  • Created original educational videos, distributed by national vendors;
  • Created and maintained websites for community based organizations, federal health service providers, and commercial interests.

Our service portfolio includes

  • Group level facilitation
  • Outreach competencies
  • Grant writing
  • Behavioral and treatment research updates for professional and lay staff
  • Hiring, training and supervising staff in prevention and care
  • Board development
  • Financial planning and fiscal management for CBOs
  • Conference coordination
  • Program evaluation
  • IT and web design
  • Strategic planning

In some cases, you can request Skills4’s services at no cost to your agency or clinic by submitting a CRIS request through the CDC.  For all other projects, Skills4’s project lead will advise on the most economical level of service needed to achieve you goals.  The first step is to contact us at info@skills4.org